Summer Pass 2023 FAQ

What is included in the Summer Pass?

Our Summer Pass includes 6 Standard reservations to Sleep No More that can be redeemed from June 1st – August 31st, 2023. After purchasing, you will reach out to [email protected] to select your dates for redemption. Summer Passes are limited to 1 per person, and are only available to be purchased until June 16th.

Do I have to come on 6 separate dates?

You may select your dates all at once, or a few at a time. Additionally, you may redeem all 6 reservations on the same date, or spread them out across multiple dates. For example, you may select 6 different dates for 1 person, or select 3 separate dates for 2 people, and so on.

Can I change the name on the reservations?

Yes, as we require the name on the reservation to match the ID of one of the guests in attendance, we can change the name on the reservation to reflect the proper name.

Can I use this for Speakeasy Magick?

The Summer Pass is only redeemable for Sleep No More, and cannot be used for other experiences at the McKittrick Hotel.

I already purchased reservations for this summer, can I cancel those and do the Summer Pass instead?

As all sales at the McKittrick Hotel are final, we are unable to change any previously purchased reservations.

Can I exchange Summer Pass reservations to an alternate date?

We do not allow any refunds or exchanges for Summer Pass reservations, as all sales are final.