Date Written: May 11, 2024 Written By: Garion Masterson

I’m mesmerized by song and stage. I cry for character’s of make believe. I sweat in my seat in fear for them. I sit at the edge of my seat for them. I feel as one with the actors on stage until the house lights brighten.


I’ve never felt bewitched – until I checked into the McKittrick- and last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again.


The experience of my first visit is the single most fulfilling artistic experience I’ve had and I don’t expect to ever feel it again. My first visit was January 16th, 2019. It was my first time visiting New York from the Midwest and I felt so consumed by the Manderley I visited again – 48 hours later. Then again two years later. And then once more in November, 2023 after they announced it would close. Every time I left the same way. Bewitched. All I hear are the words spoken to me – “Do you want to go back to Manderley one last time?”