Dances of the dark

Date Written: May 11, 2024 Written By: Lucy

As I entered the McKittrick I clung to my father’s arm at the age of fourteen with a red ribbon drawn around my neck, not knowing what was in store. I stepped into the stairwell listening only to my breath and the sweet symphony of footsteps around me. At first frightened at what was in store my stomach churned with my dinner before. As time passed two people caught my eye, one witch and one bartender. I longed to know their stories. Soon my father would try to catch up with me as I slid through crowds just as passionate as me to connect with these souls. As I retreated back into the crowded bar my ears rang with the songs swirling in my head walking home in a daze that I’ve yet to shake myself of. “I’ll never smile again, until I smile at you… for tears would fill my eyes my heart would realize that our romance is through…” I’ll Never Smile Again- Frank Sinatra.