The McKittrick Masquerade

A New Year's Eve Bohemian Soiree

NYE 2016

About The Event

This masked bohemian soiree will feature a decadent dinner, dancing, specially-created one-night-only performances, as well as full open bar, boundless live entertainment and McKittrick-inspired surprises throughout the hotel. Guests of The McKittrick Masquerade should arrive dressed in all gold, black, white, or red.

The McKittrick Masquerade is a holiday version of the McKittrick’s monthly dance party Supercinema, a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience told through a cinematic lens, invites guests to a music-and-live-performance-filled dance party inspired by the world of that month’s film or film series, as with recent installments that immersed partygoers in worlds of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet in February, James Bond 007 in March, Alice in Wonderland in April, The Great Gatsby in May, June’s Gay Pride-themed The Wizard of Oz, September’s Clue murder mystery dance party, October’s movie monster-themed Inferno, and early December’s Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas.

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