The Midnight Ball

New Year's Eve at The McKittrick Hotel

Escape the darkness of yesteryear and extol life’s pleasures at The Midnight Ball at The McKittrick Hotel. On the 31st of December, indulge in a kaleidoscope of decadence where pleasure drips like diamonds. A night of scandalous wonders awaits in this lavish trip through time and space, as we relish in our lust for life.


On the dawn of a New Year, The McKittrick Hotel invites you to escape into an alternate reality.

A kaleidoscope of decadence, where pleasures of the past collide with delights of the modern day.


Bright Young Things, “It” Girls, Dapper-Dans, and Golden Age starlets

Will welcome the future with wild abandon on the dance floor,

As opulence reigns in an explosion of luxuriant revelry.


Dress for the decade. Dress for pleasure.

Dress for today, tomorrow, or yesteryear.


Come dripping in diamonds, preening in plumes, or flaunt in fringe.

Embrace the elegance of the era, channel the charisma of the cabaret,

Or bid adieu to the passing year bedecked glamorously in black.


Devoid of inspiration for your grand attire? Perhaps these riches may help.


Book with haste! 

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