I feel there are not nearly enough words

Date Written: May 9, 2024

Dearest McKittrick,

I feel there are not nearly enough words, or that the language doesn’t even exist, for me to adequately describe what the last 12 years have meant to me in my relationship with you.  The safe harbor you have provided me through various life stages, the way you have opened my eyes to the art of play as an adult, and the ways you have pushed my perspectives to evolve in growing older with you have forever changed me for the better.  Every moment I spend within your walls I stand on the precipice of breathless anticipation of what will happen next, even though I have walked your halls hundreds of times.  The creaks of your wooden floors under my feet, your smells that hit me like a lightening bolt even outside your walls, and the beauty you show in the darkness are forever imprinted on my soul.  I have permanently added your scenes, sets, and secrets to my body map not only in admiration of you but so I can also carry you with me wherever I roam.  I adore you, I will always adore you, and saying goodbye to you may be one of the hardest next steps in my life.  Thank you to everyone who has shared this journey with me, staff, cast, and friends, never stop lingering in my mind.

All my love.


Tattoo Credit: @mccartytattoo