Purely Magical

Date Written: May 25, 2024 Written By: Mike Greenberg

My Dearest McKittrick,

I’ve never met a temptress quite as alluring as you. Every time I visit, I discover something new and exciting: sometimes it’s a scene I’d never come across before; or it might be watching a familiar interaction from an unfamiliar angle; or perhaps it’s a small detail in the set that I’d never noticed before.

But at the same time – sometimes even in the same breath – I find myself discovering that the rabbit hole goes even deeper than I had realized. I might be watching a scene for the tenth time, but then a resident makes a choice I’d never witnessed before, making me wonder how many other variations of that scene have existed over the years, variations that I’ll never experience.

Your secrets are seemingly infinite, and the most beautiful part of this world is that there isn’t a single person who has unraveled all of your mysteries: this, to me, is the real witchcraft of the hotel.

I want to thank each and every soul who has worked so hard to bring this magic to life. The hotel has brought me so much happiness, and I will always hold a special place in my heart for all of you. Though my last visit has already come and gone, sometimes in my dreams, I return to those strange days.