¡Oso Fabuloso & The Bear Backs!

“The show has music, heart, naughtiness, and a little bit of philosophy — everything that makes New York great.” -TheaterMania


“The live band is simply awesome, giving the show a big sound that wouldn’t be out of place at a real rock concert. Suffice to say, Oso Fabuloso & The Bear Backs! deserves a future life and may well be the next Hedwig.” -Interludes


¡Oso Fabuloso & The Bear Backs! tells the story of a queer Latino bear named Oso Fabuloso, who has recently been dumped by a two-timing Daddy bear. In order to overcome his depression, Oso seeks the help of his therapist Dr. Calvo, who convinces him to use his gift of song to sing the blues away. Oso agrees to go on tour with his therapist/guitarist and his two best friends/backup singers, Gummy and Grizz, hoping it will cure him of his romantic woes.