Where Do You Find Art?

Date Written: May 20, 2024 Written By: Kyla Vaughan

On one of my last visits to the McKittrick, I was in conversation with one of my favorite residents, the lovely Evelyn in the bar, and she asked me “where do you find art not on stage?”

She followed by saying she finds art in pansies, her favorite flower, and I responded that I find art in the compliments of strangers on the street. That art, is the art of connection.

This conversation inspired me to truly reflect on how important connection in my favorite forms of art is. From portraits of people long past where I recognize an expression or desire, to seeing myself represented onstage, I’ve always been drawn to art where I feel seen.

Sleep No More is kind of the perfect storm of that seeing, both literally and metaphorically. The times where I’ve locked eyes with a performer and got whisked away is a real physical connection! But I’ve also been seen in other ways, like that same resident telling me that I “smile with my eyes first.” I’ve been kissed, and hugged, and danced with, but at the end of the day, what matters most to me is that all of the performers saw me as someone they wanted to interact with.

The magic and art of Sleep No More is synonymous with the magic and art of connection.