Farewell Now and Forever

Date Written: May 10, 2024 Written By: Eric

Dearest McKittrick,

From the very first moment I crossed your shadowed threshold, a profound enchantment swept over me. Your corridors whisper stories, your dimly lit rooms flicker with the ghosts of a thousand enchanted evenings. Each visit leaves a trace of mystery clinging to my soul, haunting me with memories so vivid, they seem crafted from another world.

Your walls, draped in history, carry the echoes of secret conversations and stolen glances. The air within you is thick with the aroma of old glamour and intrigue, making every breath an intoxicating brew of the past and present. With every step through your maze-like chambers, I find pieces of myself both lost and rediscovered.

But now, as I pen this letter under the soft glow of my monitor, the weight of absence settles upon me. The thought of missing your enigmatic charm tears at my heart with a quiet ferocity. To be away from you is to be away from a part of my own essence, for you have become more than just a place of visitation—you are a sanctuary for my most cherished escapades.

Though miles may separate us, know that you are dearly missed. In my mind’s eye, I wander your halls; in my dreams, I dance under your starlit garden. Until we meet again, I hold onto the hope of one more night spent within your embrace, where the rest of the world melts away and only the magic of the hotel remains.


forever enchanted