Like Moving Through a Dream

Date Written: May 12, 2024

My first visit to the McKittrick was actually quite recent. Fresh out of my first breakup, my heart hurting and wanting to do something special for myself, I spontaneously booked a solo trip across the country to NYC to see a show I had wanted to experience for several years: Sleep No More. I’d heard such incredible things and needed to visit the McKittrick before it closed its doors.

Sleep No More blew my mind. I had very high expectations, but the show exceeded them. If “show” is even the right word. It was far and beyond unlike anything else I’ve experienced. The actors’ performances, the choreography, the sets, the details, the storytelling and planning, everything about this show is a creative and artistic feat that dazzled me. While there were many surprises to discover, I really couldn’t have predicted how I’d feel wandering the halls of the McKittrick: excitement with a touch of anxiety, curiosity with a hint of confusion, captivated thrill with what I’d been a part of, yet a deep aching for more. It truly felt like moving through a dream.

If by some miracle I end up in the Big Apple again before the show closes, I would visit the McKittrick again in a heartbeat. But being able to experience this show at all fills me with a gratitude so deep it makes me emotional to think about. Thank you for offering this space to share our stories, and an even bigger thank you and bravo to all who are involved in Sleep No More. You’ve truly created something very very special.