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My Dearest McKittrick Hotel

Date Written: May 22, 2024 Written By: Susan Docherty

My Dearest McKittrick Hotel,

I have never experienced anything quite as wondrous as the moment I stepped into the lobby of the McKittrick Hotel. I knew I was in for an extraordinary experience as soon as I was immersed into the depths of  Sleep No More. The darkness, the shadows, the scenes from Macbeth left me mesmerised, I didn’t know where to turn, who to follow, and the excitement of the endless possibilities left me breathless. As I wandered through the dimly lit corridors, and passed by anonymous masked guests I watched each scene unravel and completely lost myself in the tangled webs playing out in front of me. However, it was Lady Macbeth, embodied by the incomparable Zina Zinchenko that took my breath away and held me spellbound. Her presence, her intensity—it was as if Shakespeare himself had breathed life into her. As her eyes found mine I was rooted to the spot, mesmerised, and as she held her hand out for me to take, I felt I was in a dream. I was intrigued as she led me through to another room, and as she closed the door on our masked audience she looked at me, reached over and took off my mask coming close to whisper in my ear “there once was a little boy who was lost in the darkness….”

McKittrick, you are more much than a hotel; you are a portal to another world and your walls echo with dark secrets. I’ve left a piece of me within your establishment, and I ache to return so I can lose myself in your intoxicating presence once more.

Yours forever, Susan x