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The Everlasting Dream

Date Written: May 11, 2024 Written By: Andrew Bacha

For months a close friend kept talking about this show that she had seen a bunch of times called Sleep No More. I had never heard of it. By chance last June she asked me if I wanted to go. Well, I like trying new things so I said sure. The only thing she told me was be prepared to run and to wear comfortable shoes. I went it knowing NOTHING. As we got out of the elevator I was hooked IMMEDIATELY. It was so mysterious, so dream like. The more I explored the more immersed I became into this most mysterious and beautiful world. I was just blown away by the whole experience and have never been the same. I have seen the show 15 times since last June. I play around with photography and I have built a SNM inspired set in my apartment and have done a few other shoots inspired by Sleep. The show’s influence and inspiration on me will be long lasting.